User defined standards
Automate repetitive connections

Routine is part of our daily life and also part of our working life. However, this should not mean that we have to do repetitive things exactly the same way every time.

Concretely related to steel construction, it is often the case that e.g. connections have to be adjusted to meet your ideas and requirements - and this over and over again.

In SolidSteel parametric there is the possibility to define "your connection" once exactly as you want it, to save it as a user-defined standard with a name of your choice and to use it afterwards at any time with a few clicks. In order to keep the overview, the self-learning database only shows you these connections in the selection list, if they fit the current installation situation.

This saves time and money and ensures that you can concentrate on the essentials without getting bogged down in the details.

In the following, we will demonstrate the use of "user defined standards" - UDS for short - using the examples of end plates, haunches and ribs.

ep1: Create your own end plate

ep2: Saving the UDS

ep3: election of the UDS at another place

ep4: Added UDS with own end plate

ep5: Installation situation not suitable (profile sizes changed), UDS/own end plate not offered for selection

h1: Create your own haunch plate

h2: Saving the UDS

h3: election of the UDS at another place

h4: Added UDS with own haunch plate

r1: Create your own rib

r2: Saving the UDS

r3: election of the UDS at another place

r4: Added UDS with own rib

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