3D CAD steelwork. Just better.

SolidSteel parametric is a 3D CAD solution for steelwork. It is available as an App for different standard 3D CAD systems. As a special highlight, it offers the intelligent data exchange between different systems. A complex steel construction can be imported from one system into another. All information remain. This data exchange is as easy as the transfer of a PDF document.

Information about the intelligent data format


As the name already suggests: SolidSteel parametric is a parametric steelwork system. This means that the whole construction will be adjusted to subsequent changes automatically. The update includes even the smallest details. Complex connections as frame corners with coves, head plates and ribs are adjusted to the changed situation automatically.

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Multi CAD. More than just a little.

You can edit a construction on different CAD systems with different programs – thanks to SolidSteel parametric. For example, your colleague can work with SOLIDWORKS while you choose to work with Siemens NX. The data transfer saves all steelwork data. It doesn't matter whether it concerns profile information, placement options or connection details. Not even the type of the used CAD system matters. So you can build a steel construction in a parametric CAD system and export this construction to a non-parametric CAD system. Despite the different system architecture, the complete steelwork intelligence and the steelwork parametric remain.

How does that work?