Steelwork with SOLIDWORKS

SolidSteel parametric is a parametric 3D CAD steelwork solution, integrated into SOLIDWORKS by 100%. Using the powerful and user-friendly functions for constructions, there are no limits to your creativity. The software is not branch-specific and can be used for classic steelwork, as well as for plant and mechanical engineering.

Create complex steel constructions fast and efficient, including the typical steel connections. With SolidSteel parametric even complex connection types can be created with a few clicks and all connected beams will be extended, shortened or modified. Of course fully automatic and conforming to standards.

Coming soon!

SolidSteel parametric for SOLIDWORKS will be available in second quarter 2018. But we will keep you up to date about the current development status. Just register for the SolidSteel parametric Newsletter. Free of charge and without any obligation. After the registration you will receive periodically information about steelwork & SOLIDWORKS.