The Framework. The base.

From a purely technical viewpoint, the Framework is the base of SolidSteel parametric. It consists of intelligent system lines and connection points. The system lines are used as reference axes for the profiles. The profiles can be turned on their own axis or put eccentrical to the system line as well as tilted towards the system line – all with the help of different placement options. The system lines are connected by intelligent connections points. One type can be moved in space, the other one only along another system line. Almost all kinds of steel construction can be realized already with those two knot types.

Data exchange

The data exchange between two SolidSteel parametric work places is as easy as the transfer of a PDF document to another computer.

You only have to save the whole steelwork construction with the export function in a file for that. Afterwards, you open up the file in another SolidSteel parametric system using the import function. And that's it! The steel construction will be built up again one-to-one. All geometrical information, the steelwork parametric and the steelwork intelligence remain.


Geometrical changes will be reduced to few clicks with SolidSteel parametric. It doesn't matter whether it concerns the moving of a profile ending or the moving of one or various profiles. Also, you can move the cornerstone of a whole steel construction. SolidSteel parametric recognizes the connections and changes all the concerned components automatically.

The parametric.

SolidSteel parametric offers the possibility to create profiles and connections in a 3D model – fast and easy. Furthermore, the program administrates the whole steel construction as a logically associated unit.

It includes system lines and different forms of connection points as well as profiles connected to system lines and placement options for profiles. In addition to that, it includes connection points which connect different profiles.

The logical connection of all elements enables SolidSteel parametric to adjust the whole construction to new circumstances. If, for example, the corner point of a construction is lifted by 500 mm, it changes only the geometrical position of a connection point. The existing connections remain. SolidSteel parametric can update the 3D model automatically. Profiles are extended or shortened, the position in the room and final changes like diagonal cuts are adjusted. Ribs and head plates are adjusted to new profile sizes, the angle of inclination and the form of gusset plates will be changed, too. Even large construction groups as frame corners follow the new geometrical specifications automatically.

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Connect, another part of the program, provides the classic steelwork connections as for example head plates, gusset plates, angle connections or frame corners. They can be integrated in the steelwork construction easily. The connections are embedded 100 per cent in the logic connections of SolidSteel parametric already. By changing the construction, the connections will be changed automatically for the new circumstances.


Simple editing like cutting, connecting or mitre cuts are available in the program part Framework already. You choose the desired form of edit and click on the concerned profiles to change them. The result is a clean cutted steelwork construction, simply constructed with the Framework.