Standard trainings for 3D CAD, PDM/PLM and workshops

We offer professional standard trainings about the PTC CAD products Creo Elements/Direct Modeling and Creo as well as about our 3D CAD solutions. We handle different aspects from our training plans in those trainings step by step. Many of the aspects are accompanied by appropriate tasks to turn theory into practice.

As an alternative to our standard trainings, we offer individually designed trainings as workshops.

Our workshops are mostly individual trainings for single persons or groups of one company. Therefore, we avoid problems concerned by different fields or interests of the participants. The number of participants is limited by six to eight people per training. This group size allows an intensive support of the participants and the possibility to help several participants in an intensified way.

The workshops take place in our company. While you participate in the workshops, we provide coffee, softdrinks and a small snack for you at lunchtime.