Steel Design. Made easy.

With SolidSteel parametric for Siemens NX, structural steel design constructions can be built up much faster and more efficient. Therefore many user friendly functions are available. All of these functions have been modified for the typical working methods in steelwork.

This software solution can be used independent from any branch. Wether you use it for classic structural engineering or constructions in plant and mechanical engineering. Using the powerful construction functions of SolidSteel parametric, there are no limits for your ideas.

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The connections

The SolidSteel parametric module „Connect“ provides a lot of typical steel connections by default. Head plates, base plates, ribs, gusset plates or complete frame corners will be built up and connected to the construction automatically within a few clicks.

According to the used functions, the geometrical settings will be calculated by the incidents of the construction, inserted manually or taken from libraries like DAST.


Like we did in all the other systems, we took care about the implementation of the system as into the operating CAD system during the development of SolidSteel parametric for Siemens NX.

By customizing dialogs, input masks and menus, the look & feel of Siemens NX could be adopted. So for new users, its very easy to learn SolidSteel parametric and do productive work. The seamless integration into the existing IT infrastructure is very helpful there, too. SolidSteel parametric is no external solution. Its integrated into Siemens NX by 100%.


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